Sun & Mountains

For the past few years our coaches have been emphasizing "the catch." Catch the water.

Have you ever tried to catch the pedals? Catching the pedals is a pretty easy skill to learn, & cleats make it that much easier. The next trick is to then hang on. Keep a grip on the pedals the whole way round. Keep a hold on the pedals, keeping the catch.

One of the new swim mantras is, "Hold the catch." Even after you've caught the water, hang onto it, & make it move. Keep a hold on the water, just as you keep a hold on the pedals.

It's that rhythmical feel, the rhythmical flow, the continuous connection, and the continuous catch.

We're up to 4-5K in the water, the runs are building in duration, & tomorrow will be our first long ride of the camp. It all feels good.

Point the camera and shoot. It's a real treat.

Train smart. Train with heart.
Rest well.