Snow, Streams, & Stuff

Today's adventure brought us back to the highlands. Snow! I remember you. It seems like only yesterday we were bounding through wast deep drifts, chasing after Lucy & Roman.

After a few times back and over a frosty Willis Point road, we took a sharp left and into the trails. Down, down, down, further and further we hopped over logs, rocks, roots & trees. Rolling through streams, following the water we eventually found the ocean at Finlayson Arm.

Great ride. Shout out to the dude who sent me a spare tube outside of the Red Barn Market, and a big Thanks to the deer who woke me up while riding home along the Interurban trails. Thanks for being there & reminding me why I'm here.

Finished with the snow, done with the streams and it's time to lift heavy stuff.

After a few years off the weights, I have a new appreciation for lifting heavy stuff.

Quite different from a 3 hour, 4hour, 2hour, 7hour ride, run or swim, lifting heavy stuff is like condensed concentration. It's a kind of concentration practice, or maybe concentration intervals.

Thanks for a fun one. Tomorrow will be a great day.

Rest well.