salt lick

Smokey used to love the salt lick. I remember testing it out a few times. "Smokey seems to like it, so will I."

Does salt on the roads count as electrolyte replacement?

Jalapeno likes to ride sans fenders and I have learned to listen to her requests. If she wants to ride sans fenders, just let her.

The benefit of no fenders is the salt comes right off the road & onto your face. If you open your mouth down a long descent, Willis point perhaps, you can easily catch enough electrolytes to last. Perfect balance to the water I brought with me.

Nice ride back through the highlands. Thanks for the jaunt.

We're in the water a little more this week as this one's legs on recovery. Great chance to catch up with the fast guys & gals at the pool.

Catchya on the bright side.

Rest well.