nice nap

Jump in head first.
Coast a little faster. Float a little further.
Anchor the feet with the Coates method of kick.
Catch a little. Press a little. Push a little.

Roll the shoulders. Throw the arm.
I start to laugh.

Laughing under water. This is hilarious. Totally relax. Allow the strings to control as though you are a splashing marionette.

Yesterday was recovery day number one. A perfect day to jump in the water for my semi monthly swim lesson, courtesy of Scotty. These are great sessions.

"Relax dude! You've gotta get rid of that claw type thing, 'cause well . . . you've just gotta." Sweet session. Thanks dude man.

Wicked awesome racing by the NTC group this weekend up at the Cobble Hill 10K!

Hearing about your races makes me think about some seriously fun speed work to come. After all, Fast is Fun! Definitely inspiring guys. Thanks for keeping the winter months fun.

For the time being, I will stick to our old Gryphon Nordic motto: LSD now . . . SPEED later.

We have a few more days of recovery from the first 3 week build before testing. This allows more time to be spent considering the bamboo shoot I picked up today at the Root Cellar. I have a feeling there is lots to learn from this tall green stick.

All the best to Austin, JP, & A-Russ who are heading down to Brazil this weekend for a some FAST racing. Travel well, race well, & enjoy the sun!

It's bamboo time.

Rest well.