Hang'n with my bud, the Finn man. . .

Thanks for the great recovery over the past month. Definitely lots of adventure, just the way I like it. Great Human Powered Racing Christmas Party, NTC Family Christmas Dinner, and of course the Highlands adventure.

Huge shout out to Kelly for the 10 days up there. That was absolute sweetness. Roman & Lucy are definitely cool dogs, & 2 new awesome friends. Thanks Lucy for the Inner Huskey lesson & Roman, thanks for showing me what sticking with it really, really looks like.

Now back at the Edward Street fort, it feels great to be back on the scheduled program.

The first few days were planning/running/swimming/weights/yoga sort of days. Figure some numbers, figure which numbers will make the first numbers become more figurable, go train.

Yesterday was the Finnlayson adventure. This years intro back to running . . . chasing Adam & Jazz up & down the back side of Mt.Finnlayson with of course, a few side trips. I was very thankful to have the Inner Huskey practice with Lucy earlier that week. Dudes thanks a bunch That was a sweet start.

Run, Swim, Bike today & a good time @ Oak Bay Rec.

One more chill'n out picture . . .

Rest well.