sweet dreams

Sun shines high, Sun shines deep.
She wakes us from, our restful sleep.

A training day, or time for play?
Nature shouts, "The adventure way!"

Trees dance high, Trees dance deep.
Across the clouds, their branches sweep.

Swimming day, or sailing play?
Nature shouts, "The adventure way!"

Waves rise high, waves rise deep.
Upon the sea, they learn to leap.

Sailing day, the adventure way.
Nature shouts, "Go out and play!"

Sweet Laser day, thanks PK.
Adventure always, the best way to play.


Today I realized this is the dream.
This is the perfect place.
The dream grows higher, the dream grows deeper.
This is the perfect time.

This is the adventure;

And the future is today's dream.

Thanks for a great one.

Rest well.