Part of the gift of giving is allowing yourself to receive.

We are all down here as gifts, gifts to and for one and other.

Our life is our own gift, our own light. It is our light to spread, to share, to give.

Our life gift is of perfect, blissful, happiness, our divine light and right.

One of the big lessons we learn is allowing our Self to receive the gifts, both of and from each other.

We learn to accept and receive the gifts from the deepest roots; the gifts from nourishing soil, minerals, conscious water, and connection. We receive gifts from the highest branches; the gift of light from the bright shining sun, clouds, rain, and air.

When we learn to allow and receive these gifts into our life, we magnify the effect.

Just as a prism allows light in, magnifying, refracting, and reflecting; we allow, accept, receive, then reflect a greater, more colorful light, a gift to and of each other.

Thank You.

Winter run with Lucy tomorrow. I'm excited, but will still sleep.

Rest well.