great day on it's way

We are given a racing season. It is our season to apply the previous weeks and months, and manifest what we are into the outer world.

We are given a resting season. We are given a training season. These are our seasons to learn and practice. During this time we prepare for and practice the racing season, planning what will become.

We quietly listen to the perfect musical silence. In this we find our answers.

Our answers guide us through the resting and training season. They lead us to our racing season, our chance to soar with what we have created.

During the racing season, it is deeply important for us to know our own why. This is what carries us.

Upon reflection of our racing season we further understand the why. We also recognize evolation of the why. Our why grows, just as we grow.

A key part of the rest season is planning for the physical plane. How will we make our physical goals a reality?

Next we ask ourselves how to bring our why into fruition. . .

. . . ahhh . . . that's how.

Enjoy the great day on it's way.

Rest well.