flush the slush

It was a cold blustery 5am, wind whistling up the roof and through a crack in my bedroom window. I was still half asleep, eyes shut to the outer world, and ears picking up only a few sounds which quickly turn to dreams. I heard a sound coming from the garage.

Was Kitten out there all night?

I jumped out the bedroom door and ran downstairs to check. I tripped as I felt something pounce playfully on my toes.

Ok good. Kitten is inside.

Back to bed for an hour or so, and wake up ready for the day.

The sun comes up, and wet snow continues to fall. It is going to be a slippy, sloppy, slushy day. Absolute sweetness.

There's the sound again. Could Ollie be in the garage?

Wait, Ollie was on the bed all night.

I'll just double check.

I opened the garage door and there was Jalapeno, staring straight at me. Her greenish red eyes caught mine & we were locked together in a world of potential.

Today would be the perfect first day back to cycling. With Jalapeno as my trusted steed, it would be a return in true cyclocross fashion.

One layer, two layers, three layers, plastic bags around the toes, + a few more layers, and we're ready to go.

Sweet ride through the slush. Thanks for a great one.

45 minute scull swim to flush the slush and that's a sweet way to start.

Rest well.