Christmas Miracle!

Yes indeed, a miracle.

Both Roman and Lucy showed up today!

First it was Lucy, who's smiling face appeared at the door, shortly after having polished off both double serving bowls of food on the porch.

"Lucy! You're back! Come into the house and make yourself warm! Here, what can I make for you? How about a big hug first. Yes please, definitely a face full of kisses. It's great to see you too. This is now officially the best Christmas of all time."

"How about a few eggs?"

1, 2, 3 cracked and in the bowl.

"Slurp, slurp, all gone."

"A little warm water too?"

"Yes please. mmmmm Thanks you!"

"Ok, we'll wait for you to warm up rest up, & we'll go find Roman."

I'll just go outside and check the run out back.

"Roman? Are you there?"

Crawl into the little house.

"Roman! You made it."

A very shivery, very thankful, very happy to be home Roman was curled up in his hay.

"Definitely room for two in there. Big hug to warm up and thanks for being here. Let's just hang out here for a little while to warm up rest up eat up."

After being out alone for 4 days in a very snowy sub zero Gowland Todd Provincial Park, Roman and Lucy both made it home on Christmas morning!

Definitely a Christmas Miracle!

It's great to have you guys back.

Rest well.