Bed time.

The peace has arrived.

The peace of rest.

One of the most important things about rest seems to be being at peace with rest.

But what about the work? I could be putting in the work right now, throwing down foundation stones here and there. I have a pretty good vision of what the house will look like. So let's go at it. Let's build this thing right now.

Why wait until tomorrow? Today is just as good a day to throw down some foundation. Bring the concrete truck over. Start that thing spinning. We have more than enough strong healthy muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones to last.

Wait. This rest is actually a form of work. If you are going to follow all the blueprints, listen to the mechanical, structural, and chemical engineers, architects, planners, electricians, plumbers, skipper, captain, and crew, you need to start at the very beginning.

The very beginning is now. The preparation for August 30th 2009 has already begun. You're in it right now. This rest is part of the prep. If you want the house to look as it does on paper, start here.

In a way, rest is a little like the antagonist muscle. In order to hammer curl the dumbell one must first one must relax the triceps, then activate the biceps.

Rest now is relaxing the triceps.

Bed time.

Rest well.