Some days the body feels right on top of it:

Shoulder to elbow to wrist to fingers . . . right on and over the water.
Hips to quads to calves to feet . . . right on and over the pedals.
Head to shoulders to hips to knees to ankles . . . right on and over the pavement.

Feel that feeling so you can remember that feeling. Hold that feeling. Be that feeling.

Today was definitely a Autumn sort of day. Leaves fall on the ground. Mountains break through the clouds. Sun shines in patches. Animals stay warm inside their home, comfortable and content.

Riding out to Lands End we reached the turn off to Willis Pt. and the temperature suddenly drops. Toes chill. Swing the arms and warm the hands. Crispy air. Fresh mulch smell from the fields as farmers have now harvested much of the pumpkin crop. Perfect fall day for riding.

We split the ride up as to complete our last interval inside. As much as I love the Autumn riding, November's peak will require a little heat acclimation.

Crank it up.
Ice bath. Swim. Eat. Butcher. Bakery. Eat. Bed.

Thanks for a great day.
Rest well.