This morning I woke up to the comfortably familiar sound of rain splashing on the roof. The comfortably comforting sound of rain. . . the anywhere, anytime sound.

A moment later the radio turned on. The first morning story was that today the official Toy Hall of Fame inducted a new member, the stick. This stick or that stick, they were all toys to remember.

Earlier this week during a meditation I heard another anywhere, anytime sound. It was the sound of children laughing and playing. For a moment there was a chain of thoughts. Laughter. Playing. These sounds sound the same anywhere in the world, any time, any day. I could be on the other side of the world, right here or right there, right now, and these sounds would be just the same. Language is irrelevant. Laughter is laughter. Play is play. Just like the comfortably comforting sound of rain.

Today's swim was an awesome one, with a main set of 60 x 50m on 45s. Hold 38s to start & descend to 37s. The awesome thing being focus and form with form the focus. 45 minutes of focus. Only time at the wall to hear a sentence.5 from swim master Harvey.

The heat sessions are becoming easier with the sweat response now down to 5 minutes or less.

Now it sounds like the Lentil Sheppard's Pie is ready.

Rest well