"Eat, drink, be merry, and of course go sailing." - PK

The inner race proceeds, while the outer race succeeds. Our outer race has a quantifiable goal. Some day we may reach this goal, and perhaps by this time our outer vision of possibility has grown. We have new goals, new inspirations, and new numbers on which we will succeed.

Our inner race is a process, which through our inner and outer presence, we have all started. The goal is limitless. Some day, according to a time line unbeknown to us, we arrive at new plateaus, a col on which we momentarily rest, consider our path, and continue. Our path continues upward and onward. We continue to aspire. On our path we proceed.

There are times when the inner and outer races seem to join together and become one mission. They are in fact one and the same.

When we sail, there is no traffic of thought, only concentration and focus. We watch the sail and adjust the helm, sheets, and body position accordingly.

At first it is a conscious thought process, where rigging modifications require consideration. Through practice we feel changes in the wind and water without conscious thought. We change position to match. With more time, more practice, we begin to anticipate environmental changes and prepare our boat.

Sailing becomes a meditative stream along which we proceed, choosing and creating our path along the way.

Similarly, sport can be a meeting place for the inner and outer race.

We show up. We race our race.

8 days to Ironman Arizona.

Rest well.