Fog is awesome

Thanks for another awesome weekend.

This was the final weekend of work before next weekend's 1st full.

Saturday morning we were back to riding the roads in and around the Saanich Peninsula. As much as I love creating lake Kilshaw during our heat acclimatizing sessions, it was awesome to be out on the roads.

With one week to go, the acclimation is right on, and sweat response is now down to 4:15. Time to allow each and every cell an opportunity to fill itself to its hearts content with nourishment.

Open up the heart, let the blood flow, feel the legs finding their rhythm with the road.

Smooth ride. Smooth run. Short smooth stretch out swim.

Homemade potato & dill soup with non-spicy cinnamon bean burritos. Saturday complete.

Run this morning was awesome. The fog rolls in and we're in for some fun. Just like the ride we open the heart, maintain stroke volume, let the blood flow, feel the legs finding their rhythm.

Fog is one of my favourite types of weather. Perhaps it's something to do with the potential for becoming a little lost & maybe even a little adventure.

Thank you fog, for one of my favourite weather type days.
Thank you friends and family for the nourishment & building excitement.

Rest well.