Breakfast Bison Burger

Leftovers are where it is at. The possibilities are limitless, but burgers for breakfast remains one of my favorites.

In fact, last night I woke up at 1:30am and pondered polishing off that last bison burger. It would be pretty tasty. It's sitting right in the fridge waiting to be eaten, although I'm also really warm and comfortable in bed. I'll save it.

On the way back from the pool my mind was on the bison burger track, considering condiments and various sides. Oh so tasty, leftover bison burger for breakfast.

It was a great weekend of training, & by Sunday afternoon the body had processed the chicken curry poisoning out of it's system. It's one thing to feel fine to walk around the house. 5+ hours on the bike with a run off & swim while dumping short chain high GI sugars into the gut is completely different.

Thanks to the beets and carrots who have been keeping the GIT smiling.

Rest well.