4' 2 breaths

Shorten the strides. Lean forward. Lean from the hips. Lift from the crown to above the sky. Float up the hill. Remain . . . Remain out . . . Remain in.

When the HR climbs, or the mind wanders, just simply thank it. Thanks for that. Now we return to our zone, stronger, together more practiced.

We reach the peak of King George. I see the HR has normalized, remaining zonified. Feel light and feel the lift. Now it's quiet.

I hear 4 feet plus asphalt & 2 breaths breathing. A perfect moment from Sunday's run.

2 official weeks into the taper, and I have noticed the adaptation starting to happen.

Heat sessions are hot and feel normal.

Fast runs are fast and feel easy.

Steady bikes are fast and feel smooth.

Today wetsuit feel arrived & met with swim feel. They are now good friends.

Feel light. Stay light.

Rest well.