Wicked Westerly Wind

Wind is awesome.

There is something comforting about a westerly wind storm, something familiar. What could possibly be comforting about a wind storm? Who knows. Perhaps it's the excitement factor which is really the most reassuring. It's cool to know there is something happening, something going on, something out there which we are a part of, something which is right now making it's Self heard.

It's as though we can really see, hear, and feel the world's air being alive. Of course it's always there, always alive; the wind just makes things more noticeably obvious.

Wind is awesome.

Good swim today. The legs had a few thoughts on the weekend of adventure, so it was an arms and torso focus sort of day.

Elizabeth, our Yoga instructor, speaks of the bodies lines, connecting links going from tongue to toe. Today there was connection from the ulna's olecranon process to the iliac crest. I think this is good. Either way, it seemed to save the legs.

Back to the rollers on the bike for some technical practice. High cadence, single leg, no hands, all the good stuff. Good spin.

Treadmill run of the tempo type. Lately I have been considering the energy systems engaged during activity, and keeping this consideration present in my mind throughout practice. It seems to help. Kick off the shoes and spin around the fields to wake up gastroKnemius, among others.

Early sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be a sweet one.

Rest well.