Thistle Root

Focus the picture, a transcendental gaze,
All but the image, a translucent haze.

A flicker of light, beneath the chin,
A guide to dive deep, deep within.

A speck of light, above the eyes,
A path to climb, beyond the sky.

Roots from the Souls, they dig like trees,
and search for water, source the seas.

They hold the branches, to carry the leaves,
abundant beauty, a purpose to please.

Swim set this morning was 8 x 400 in pairs, first a smooth swim, then pull on descending effort. An eye opener in a different sort of way. The effort was far from aerobically challenging. In fact, you could almost call it aerobically easy. Remove the legs from the equation, and there go a few large muscle groups which no longer need to be fed. The result was swimming with complete focus on the catch and push. Just let the arms do what they need to.

Jalapeno is back in business with a new fork/steer tube. We went for a dance through Beacon Hill to reconnect. This weekend will be a fast one.

Oak Bay treads to spin out the legs. Keep the feel.

Full moon, and a gaze.

Now this is really starting to feel like a few days of recovery.

Rest well.