One more to go . . .

A few awesome days.

Something new on Wednesday, something true on Thursday, and something new times two today.

Wednesday's ride was the typical Wednesday ride, but with added intensity (something new). Set number 2 (of 3) had a build up to what felt like just above my lactate threshold. Good ride, and a good flush swim, which left the legs feeling well appreciated and happy.

Long nap, legs up the wall, eat, and sleep some more. Much appreciated recovery.

Thursday was fairly light. I would like to thank whoever invented fins. They made Thursday's 12 x 100 set much more recovery like. Treadmill run, 5 x shakes, back to the fort, then something true ;).
In the evening during the OBRec shift we further established the Oak Bay Recreation Centre for High Performance, experimenting with HR's to prepare John Miller for his race across the Sierra. Definitely big-time-hard-core-raise-the-bar-max-the-envelope-go-big-or-go-home intense.

And today. Just one more to go. Remember those 40 x 50 swim sets on 40/50, or 20 x 50, or whatever it happened to be? Remember when there's just one more to go? Ok, I'm going to do a really good job on this last one. It's the last one. Only one more to go. Here we go. Last one. Go -

Before the last repetition of today's bike set, I noticed the same sort of feeling. Only one more to go. The only difference being the 50m swim piece takes approximately 30 seconds (well above race pace), while today's main set was 3 x 70 minutes (@ race pace).

The thing is, both are exactly the same. Time really becomes irrelevent. It sounds kind of lame I know, but seriously, it's exactly the same thing. One more to go.

One is one.

One more to go.

Sweet ride, smooth run, flush swim, and a great day start to finish. Plenty of lessons learned, along with some decent fitness. Now it's time to absorb a little of both.

Rest well.