October de 4t

Happy Birthday to the G-man himself!
You're looking a year wiser and stronger!
Here's to the double deuce bro!

Pretty sweet day today. I woke up at 3:15 with the cough still lingering. Ahhh. I would really like to do a good job on today's ride. Stumble over to the bathroom, wash the face, look in the mirror. Ok, when I wake up in just under 4 hours I will feel great.

7:00 came and I felt pretty sweet. This time it worked.

The main set for today's ride was 3 x 55 minutes @ speed with a fairly decent warm up. A good breakfast definitely helped the cause. I've been fooling around with positioning on the TT bike, mostly just seat height and fore / aft postion. Today's position was definitely an improvement from Wednesday's, although the adductors & flexors made themselves heard loud and clear towards the end.

Remidy could be: higher + yoga = quite hips.

20 minute HR pace run off the bike. Just find the pace to match a number.
Flush swim at the crystal. Feel good.

1h45 run tomorrow morning with some pace work to wake the legs up before the Juan de Fuca cross race in the afternoon. It'll be another sweet one.

Thanks for a great day.

Rest well.