Everything is good. In fact, it's all becoming better all the time.

The past month.5 has had the overall theme of application. What have I learned up to this point? How does it apply to what I am doing right here and right now?

Application to all aspects.

I remember talking to my Dad from my Glacier 361 residence room in Guelph during first year. I was excited about something we were learning in one of the Aggie classes, and at the same time a little overwhelmed by the massive amount of information which was being thrust our way.

My Dad told me, "When you graduate you will have to think about what it is that you actually learned. What was important? What lessons did I learn? What is the valuable information which I will carry with me?"

Most of the important stuff from Guelph came from experience and building a foundation of curiosity for the following years.

In the same way, training has become about understanding and applying what I actually learned, what I am learning, and what I think I know.

A few short examples:

In my case, swimming comes down to the myelin sheath. Ahhhh . . . the myelin sheath, Jane Robb, Cell Bio 2480. Also the myelin sheath, Neil Harvey, NTC 2008.

Through concentration and practice, we control the myelination of motor neurons. We create the path of least resistance through which an action potential travells from brain to muscle.

Every thought, every action changes/creates the path.

Make sure the path we create is the one we want to follow.

"Stevo, this is exactly what you need to be doing right now." - NH.
Ok, I'll make it perfect.

I'll leave it there for now and will continue post Wednesday ride.

Enjoy your morning and as always,

Rest well.