finished a sweet morning / afternoon of training.

3 cups of Spiral Cafe organic coffee, followed by 4 cups of Ethiopian level trade were the perfect way to roundhouse kick the day. (I may exaggerate slightly.)

Ok. Bike time. On Wednesday the red workout is bike. Bike the emphasis. Bike the quality. Bike the quantity. Today's set was 50 minute Warm up, 3 x 45 minutes @ race pace HR, 40 minute cool down. The HRM is your master to prevent disaster.

Lesson. . . You can fake the nutrition component on a short course workout of 3 - 4 x 20 minutes. The longer the set, the harder it becomes to fake nutrition.

Homework . . . Figure this one out, and follow the figure.

Flush swim and the stroke comes around after a few faster 50s. Flush and Frequency seem to be working well in the pool. Note that one.

Time to be honest with nutrition and throw the legs in the air for a short while.

Rest well.