Today was a double nap day.

Swim, Nap, Bike, long Nap, Run, Work, Now.

The napping seems to have particularly helped with mental recovery from the past 10 day build. Physical recovery will take longer, but in the mean time I think I have arrived to a place where I can reflect on the weekend.

Concentration Practice. Meditation Practice. Contemplation Practice.

These are things which occur during all aspects of our inner and outer lives, even if we are consciously unaware.

During our training, practice, and living we learn to become aware of reactions. These can be physical, emotional, mental . . . and on.

With practice we learn to observe the reaction, and ride past without judgment or consideration.

When the body becomes increasingly taxed physically, other aspects also become challenged and their stability can vary.

Feel the roots. Breathe like the leaves. Feel the flow.

and Rest well.