the wash . . .

I woke up this morning feeling almost 100%. The Anti-Viral seems to have done it's job boosting what needs to be boosted, and frying what needs to be fried. So after taking Saturday fairly light, it was back to the routine with trainingl for today.

Start with a run at Thetis Lake where two cool things happened. First, I saw what perfect running looks like. Then, I saw a perfect sunrise over Heartland.

The relationship between sun and water is amazing to observe. Depending on the time of day, and how each is feeling, they come together to create an awesome sight. This morning their combination was almost blinding at times, and begging to be smelt, heard, seen, felt, and touched.

80 minutes on the trails. Thanks for a sweet run.

Quick transition to the Oak Bay clothes, and off to work. I received two phone calls on the way in. First, my first appointment canceled. It's all good, that gives me time to find a mid - morning snack. Second, my second appointment canceled. Ok cool, now I have time to head home and clean the much needed to be cleaned bathroom.

Cleaning a bike or cleaning the bathroom, I often find myself contorted in all sorts of ways trying to reach all the nooks and crannies. Sink is easy. Floor, no problem. Toilet is like the bike, easy with the right tools, Far end of the shower . . . I can reach it without going in. Splash!

Phone manages to escape from my pocket and land in the toilet. Yep. There it is. Phone in the toilet.

Ok. A little bit of research at the cellphone dealership. Check out craigslist, usedvictoria . . . all the usuals.

Hmmm . . . what to do.

I could trade in my aeromiles for future shop gift cards, and use those for a new phone. And if I originally pay for it with the visa, then there's a few more miles in the bank. Perfect. Plan settled.

I started to laugh on the way home thinking, "Those aeromiles are literally going down the toilet." funny hahaha

It's all good 'cause eventually it all comes out in the wash.

Great day.

I just had a look at this weeks schedule and am already stoked. This will be a sweet week.

Rest well.