Cyclocross race numero uno, Diver Lake Park, Nanaimo.

Race conditions always add an element or two to any session. Racing forces you to test the limits, and raise the bar. The first race allows us to test both our selves and our equipment.

Jalapeno is fitted with Tubeless tires. I tried to pull them off through some fast corners in practice, and under these conditions they stayed on.

With today's race conditions I was able to pull the front one off within two laps. Flat and out. . . More tire testing to be done.

Flat at 3:30pm in Nanaimo. Ok, I can be home and riding a new tube by 5:30 with 2.5 hours of sunlight remaining. Trek home, swap in a tube, and off to Beacon Hill.

Awesomeness. With only 15 minutes of cross racing I noticed a huge difference in my riding. Raise the standard and there is only up.

As recovery from climbing I decided to practice a few wheelies. After all, it's all good bike handling skills, plus this is fun stuff!

About 90 minutes in Jalapeno started to become cranky and eventually she bucked me off, sending me hurling through the air. I looked back and she laughed as if to say, "That's enough, it's time to go home."

You know that tailbone landing, nauseating, breath holding feeling? The message was loud and clear.

I understood and made my way back home to ice.

Cross is here! One of my most favourite times of year!

Rest well.