September Sun

Two beautiful days.

Tuesday evening, Tuesday sleep, Wednesday morning . . . It just keeps becoming better and better to a point where I am absolutely awestruck at the amazingness of it all.

Great dinner with the Millers on Wednesday evening. Sydney, once again prepared the perfect dinner. The most fulfilling nourishment was, of course, from reminiscing laughter. Awesome memories which I am grateful to be able to share with your whole family. Thanks.

This morning was one of my favourite roof top mornings to date, perhaps because the sun rose twice, once above the hills, and again above the clouds. Perfect way to start the day.

Next, Killian and I went to Oak Bay for the leftover apple and a run. Work, home for lunch, nap, Roof Top, back to OB for rehab x 2, and the night shift.

So many awesome people. Thanks for being part of the day.

Rest well.