is the name of the game today. In fact, Play will be the name of the game for the next month or two. This seems to be the underlying message from a few reliable sources.

This morning we made it to Commonwealth with just enough time to join the group for a game of water polo. Thanks for the game!

Swimming post play reminded me of a conversation shared with MOW. What would it feel like to be a whale and jump out of the sea into air? Experiencing weight for perhaps the first time, if for only a moment must be incredible. It's a moment shared with that whale where we both experience the same external environment. Amazing insight MOW, and perhaps a comparison to our natural experience.

Dive deep down, Dive deep within,
Water becomes, closest kin.
Feel the water, all around.
See less sight, yet hear more sound.

Soar so high, to touch the blue,
Breath becomes, peacefully true.
Feel the air, without within,
A time to be, what may have been.

Back home to fuel with French Toast and before long, it's time to go outside and play some more.

What would I do for fun if I were me, age 7? Well, I would probably go ride my bike. The rest of the day was all about playing on the bike. Beacon Hill, Clover Point, 10 Mile Point, Mystic Vale, UVic Trails, Cattle Point, back to Beacon Hill, random parks here, and a field or two there . . . These were always awesome places to play on the bike. Only difference was today I played all over town in one awesome afternoon.

Home for food, and out to play some more. Thanks for the climbing session.

Big ride tomorrow. I think I'll sleep in the bike shorts.

Rest well.