Ox Blood.

Jalapeno had her final adjustments finished up today!

During my break at Oak Bay Rec I had a chance to feel the ride so we could record the measurements, and make the fit just how I like cross bike fit to be.

Rotate the narrow bars ever so slightly. Slide the seat and pump the tires. Select the pedals, and of course coordinate the tape. Ox blood it is. Sounds dangerous.

Just enough time to swap on the road pedals and rip down to Windsor Park as an intermission to the waterfront loop ride. Tear the corners as hard as possible! Try to rip off those tubeless tires! They stayed on even with fresh paste. Perfect.

Big shout out to Scotty at Oak Bay Bikes for all the help with this ride. Thanks dude man.

Thoughts to the Finn'ster who's definitely hurt'n with a bit of a bug. This will make your immune system stronger big guy.

Rest well.