As we progress from one moment to the next, everything changes. Everything from our perception of subjective experience, and therefore one of the realities in which we exist, to the group perception as a whole of it's own conscious existence.

The group changes, we change. It is a form of Evolation, by both our Self, and the group.

The past 2 weeks have been a sweet chance to switch up the adventure, a chance to experience new adventures through the new light of our ever creating, ever evolving Self. It's a chance to slow down just enough to notice, notice and allow. The slower speed changes from noticeable to normal, and we allow the 3rd and final aspect of Evolation.

As it comes, we see through new perspective, through new light, what is our own present moment.

The adventure is still adventure, perhaps of different texture, but adventure all the same. This adventure may remain in the minds back pocket for a rainy day. That adventure will always be remembered. Most definitely some sweet adventures in the past 2 weeks, and still a few in prep phase before the official start up.

Rainy Fall adventures are on their way and Cyclocross is almost here. I can hardly wait. In the present time, I'm off to dream time, and tomorrow's adventure will be a great time.

Rest well.