"Meat Fat Makes It."

There are processes other than biochemistry which go along with food preparation, and I believe these greatly affect the nourishing qualities.

What was the state of the food when it was harvested?
How about the state of those doing the harvesting?
What was the state of whomever prepared the food? and of course,
What is our own state while we consume the food?

The list goes on and on. What is it in this food that will nourish and support our bodies, both physical and other?

The Fall season is one of my favourite times of year to enjoy good food. Right now it's so easy to see how fruits and vegetables come straight from the ground. Squash soup, cauliflower pie, carrot, apple, and ginger concoctions . . . . all great Fall foods. Look! We can see them in the fields.

There it is! There's the field where this soup came from. There's the sun which helped make the squash. Perhaps, that cloud helped it grow. Maybe that tree provided some shade. And the soil . . . the soil is a work in progress from thousands of years, thousands of clouds, thousands of sunlight hours, thousands of other plants, animals, and seeds, living and growing, season upon season.

Good swim this morning and a sweet underground cyclocross race at what will remain an undisclosed location. Shout out to Kelly and Drew for setting up a sweet Wednesday evening.

I had a pretty good run at it for most of the event. On the first lap in a face plant followed by a mechanical left Jalapeno chattering for the remainder. It's all good . . . just keep riding, keep playing, keep going, keep having fun.

One of my favourite parts of a cross race is the fatigue. Neil talks about maintaining form with fatigue in the water. Well, the same goes with cross. As we fatigue, our technical skills begin to break down. The difference between cross and swimming . . . there's no time to care about form breaking down in cyclocross. Just ride. Faster.

Two quotes from today:

"Meat fat makes it." - JB Referring to drizzling the meat fat ontop of tonights Shephards Pie.

"Here's proof we're all kids. We're out here on a Wednesday night about to rip around this playground on our bikes as fast as we can for about 30 minutes." - KG referring to cyclocross this evening.

Sweet day.

Rest well.