Do you ever find yourself somehow returning?

Yesterday morning I found myself running along admirals inlet, across the bridge, through the school, along the park, coasting by. There I was, just running.

I was less than 10 years old, maybe even 6 the last time I remember being there.

We used to make the trek down to Victoria from the interior for the Family Christmas visit. I think we stayed in a hotel nearby, close to GG's house.

I can remember walking along the bridge, amazed that people were catching fish. Sweet, that's how I would like to find my dinner!

Now here, running. Cool.

The rest of the day was an OBRec kind of day. Thanks for all the sweet stories, and valuable pieces of wisdome.

This morning I hopped on Jalapeno for the first real ride. So sweet! Rolling through Beacon Hill, Mystic Vale, and Mt. Tolmie I found myself hanging on for dear life.

"This is unbelieveable! This is so cool! Waaaahooo!" Definitely awesome.

Fun day. Now I must sleep.

Rest well.