Feeling great.

This week has been totally completely and absolutely awesome.

Every moment from one liner conversations in passing, to a laugh here, a smile there, all surrounded by awesome people has been etched in the inner memory as diamond light.

Monday was a big time OBRec day. It flew by and I came back home to a super good potato & kidney bean soup. Perfect nourishment. Thanks!

Tuesday started with the usual morning routine: 2 breaths here, a glass of water there, right side left, and left side right to coordinate the beats. A slow cup of Peruvian style coffee set me up for our first swim practice back as a group.

3K and a bit of play to kick off the day. It's great to be back swimming in the Commonwealth Pool. I love the feeling of starting fresh.

Breathing patterns . . . perfect. This year started with 3,5,7 as the normal (for a restricted breathing set).

Visit to the Guan Master and a few kinks are contorted and sorted. Jalapeno and I are a solid team, but I'm grateful we each have our own master mechanics.

Run time. 60minutes base pace and recon a few potential cross ride sites. 30 minutes in I stumbled across what will soon become sweet cross bike handling challenges along the George Waterway.

Rest time & visit time. Sometimes the day just keeps growing better and better. I really enjoyed the visit and am looking forward to the next one. Thank you!

Waterfront ride with the Jazz Master and a stop by OBB^2. Stop by Oak Bay Butcher for a little dinner selection and Oak Bay Bikes for a little wheel perfection. Sweet ride. Thanks for the help from OBB^2!

Dinner time. One of my favourite times. This time a spicy Ratatouille creation, Cheesy Polenta, Tabbouleh, and Thai Pork Sausage. The day's atmosphere, along with great food provided more perfect nourishment. Thanks!

Today started with the morning routine and a somewhat larger cup of coffee before heading out to Metchosin for a sweet ride. J, M, & R, and I hit a derivation of the Latoria Loop for a 4 x 20 minute main set. The translation:

Mike is fit and fast! Hanging on to Mike's wheel for the first 5 minutes of interval #1 I thought, "This is sweet; it's like motor pacing off another bike!" By the 4th interval I was craving a little more than water and before long, last nights leftovers became the focus of my attention.

Ride home, delicious cookie time, recovery swim, and it's finally leftover time. Leftovers always taste so good.

Nap time, Run Walk time, new shoe time, bike store yak time, and dinner time.

Tonight's experiment was a carrot soup with pureed almonds. If I could remember how it was made, I would definitely do it again.

And now, it's recovery time.

Rest well.