I just finished what was my favorite cross ride so far for Fall 08. It was the final practice for today, a 60 to 75 minute high cadence spin, with flushing the primary focus. I went into the ride thinking, "This will be easy, so just maintain rhythm."

Head across the bridge and over to Beacon Hill, the rocky bit by Superior street. Jalapeno seems to have been tamed! She rolled over the rocks, finding the smooth line all on her own with little driver input required. Lean a little this way, pull a little that way, duck, dodge, keep on rolling.

I rode home along the beach, right along the beach where the kite surfers go. Sweet salty air. So calm and smooth. A perfect afternoon and a perfect way to flush out a solid treadmill run.

Good swim this morning, first shot back at a little speed since late August. 15 x 100 on 1:40 cruising into the wall at around 13/14. Form the focus. Focus the form. At this time of year . . . keep the form at all costs, even the at cost of speed.

Mix Master Mike Neill is now on the way to Kona. I was a pleasure to join in for a few wicked awesome sessions in the past few weeks dude. You're on the way to a sweet day.

Big ride tomorrow. I've been stoked for this one since last Wednesday.

Enjoy the evening,

Rest well.