Think, think, think. What could it be? Perhaps the answer will just come to me.

Open the pages to a new book and there it is, staring at me right in the face. 3 Paragraphs, Word for word, the answer to a question for which I was unable to find words to even ask. Wow, there it is. Let that one sink in deep.

It takes time. After it has really sunk in, concentrate. Concentrate on what it is, what it means. Now, hold onto that somewhere other than within the mind. Feel it deep within. If you're ready, try and bring it here. Attach a word, maybe two, without attaching thought.

At some point during the past few rides I've found myself looping around U Vic as either a shortcut home, or just to add a little extra. Riding through campus reminded me of the early Fall days back in Guelph.

Those were sweet times. The Fall University Campus always had such a sweet vibe. Everyone has had some time to rest and reflect. Now we're all back here with a few new texts, perhaps a lab manual or two, the master binder, a bag of randomly collected writing utensils, and 2000 pages of looseleaf paper.

We all have plans on how to make this year better than last. We have new and improved ways to fit in all the studying, take notes, and sleep undisturbed on the 5th floor of the Library in that big black chair next to the sunny window.

Gordo has a new strength routine for us, and they finished construction of that new lecture hall. We have the water talk, the supplement talk, the goals talk, the OU's talk. Roller skiing will be the focus from September to the end of November. This year we're doing double polling intervals up the hill behind the AC, 5x per week. That's what the Norwegians are doing.

Oh, and the farmers market. The sweet, sweet farmers market. We must go visit the apple dude. I'll split a bushel of #2's with ya. Ok, sweet.

Those currently on the academic path, all the best for this Fall semester.

Rest well.