Big Ring Renfrew

While Jalapeno has her mechanics take care of the finishing touches, I decided it was time to prepare the engine.

Cyclocross seems to place emphasis on power and acceleration, especially during the climbs. With one chain ring on the front, the ability to generate power with a moderate number of teeth becomes especially vital.

Day one of Jalapeno engine prep was about power, and of course endurance. Today's ride went from base camp here in Vic West out to Port Renfrew, and back with an added power twist. Start to finish, the entire ride was in the Big Ring. 53 Power building teeth!

Jalapeno will be sporting 42 fangs on her front ring with a wide 11-28 spread at the back. I figure the cyclocross climbs are much steeper and slipperier; therefore, 53 was the way to go today for power.

Riding the Renfrew route a la big ring definitely makes the legs work in a different sort of way. Although I must admit, I did use that Physics 8 knowledge to take a few shallower tangents up one climb past Sombrio, and again climbing out of the Port.

What a sweet day. What a sweet ride.

On the way out of town I stopped by Chula in Jordan River for a little nourishment. I asked for one of their energy bar type things. The super cool barrista lady said, "That's not just any Energy Bar, it's full of Love which will carry you up and out of Jordan River."

First I thought, "Perfect! That's the best, strongest kind of energy. This is sweet!" Next I thought, "Dude, I love the West Coast!"


First Breath we take,
Our start of Time,
Pure Light, a Gift,
Of Supreme Devine.


I was totally energized by this last picture taken while standing above Jordan River.

Thanks for another great day.

Rest well.