It's only been 3 weeks, and I've completely forgotten what I wrote. Now, it's sealed and vaulted, so I will wait until next year.

A few big days of training and I'm feeling awesome. Definitely enjoying the new diet and exercise routine.

Tuesday morning swim was in between regen and effort. I think I may have found where the inner swimming genius lives. I was looking low, and it's definitely high. Due to the shyness factor it may take some work to start conversation rolling, but things look promising for the future.

Mid-day visit to the observatory for some climbing time, and an afternoon run at the Lakes. Sweet run Andrew. That's perfect Kelowna heat prep. Great chat with Cpt. Sco Dags. Thanks dude man.

Many thanks to ShiShiri from the Centre. Really positive evening.

Morning and a lake swim. It was great to see the group again. Thanks to Thetis Lake for being a perfect paradise. Thanks to PK for a good post run chat.

Evening ride of the Wallace West Saanich Loop. Scotty, Andrew, AP, that was some solid riding. If you care about the numbers, well there's even more reason to be happy.

Many thanks to Elizabeth for our final Hatha session of the season. You have taught us all valuable lessons over the past few months.

I think dinner's just about ready.
Cross is coming,

Rest well.