Thank You's

A few Thank Yous:

Big Thanks to Phil from Island Runner, my first real-deal sponsor. Phil fit me well with a great line of shoes, and followed up by providing ultra cool running kit for the season. Thanks Phil!

Oak Bay Bikes introduced me to Papaya in the Fall, and Sugar Cane in the Spring. Today I met with the workings of a new gal named Jalapeno. Definitely Hot Bike! Thanks OBB!

Oak Bay Village Butcher has been there providing product throughout the season. Organic, healthy, and my #1 criteria in this department, happy! A happy chicken lays happy, healthy eggs. Thanks Mike for you support!

Blair Mart opened my oil horizons through countless bottles of grape seed, olive, coconut, almond, and hazelnut oils for cooking and drinking! Absolute Deliciousness. Thank You Mehdi!

Pacific Sport Victoria has been a haven after wet rides, a source for applesauce, and also a prop for opening countless doors and windows. You guys are sweet!

We also have an outstanding and supportive training group. If I were asked to write down the best qualities of an awesome training group, I could only hope to come up with close the quality of awesomeness you guys have! Everything from first time Fall Cyclocross adventures, to mid-Winter Whistler excursions, to the Arizona Edison Brotherhood, to random gatherings and laughs, even a foot sewing lesson in Dr. Keeler's back yard added to a spectacular season. Thank You!

We are privileged to have two of the best coaches. It's been said before and I'll say it again, the combined coaching power of Patrick and Neil is immeasurable. Absolute wickedness, in the most absolute of ways. Thanks for another great season.

The Friends and Family, well it's just one of those things which require more than words. For now, Thank You.

All who have been a part of this and every season, may your generosity come back a million times.

Rest well.