Sweet day eh?

The hands carry memories of a today's play.

Rock climbing hands might feel blistered and used, the awesome end of rock climbing used feeling. They're dry from chalk, and dirty from the wall, perhaps worn from belaying. When you bend your fingers, you can feel each and every crease and fold. Great feeling.

Working with sheep on the farm also leaves distinctive hand memories. The feeling of lanolin on the skin is like no other. Waterproof to the extreme, a little waxy, surly used, and ready for recovery. Almost bomb proof feeling.

Dingy sailing hands. Kind of crackly from the salt, and abrased from the sheets. They're awoken from the sun, and have a similar to rock climbing feel when you bend your fingers. It's great to feel this feeling tonight.

Today was a sweet day both in and on the water. Start the day in Thetis for a perimeter loop. Every few weeks I hop in on these extended low end swim sets. Thanks for the swim this morning.

Next stop is on the water, Laser style. After a few hours on the water I found myself flying about 500m off 10mile point. Wow, I am cruising right now. Wait . . . I have been cruising in the same spot for about 10 minutes. Current.

Sometimes the only logical choice is to sail up the current.

Today, in order to find clean water and make it home, that was the way. Ok, now I know I'm sailing into the current, and to make headway, something must change.

Well, what are my sources of power and resistance? That big white thing above the water is power, and that little white thing below the surface is resistance.

Allow the big white thing to catch as much wind energy as possible. Catch all the wind you can, and turn it into power.

Now, the little white thing. I'm reaching down wind right now. Do I really need the little white thing? Pull it up so we're no longer catching a resisting current.

Success. Sailing up the current, with little extra effort required. Sometimes all it takes is first an awareness of your source of power and resistance, then setting your sails and foils accordingly.

Ride the wind. Ride the waves.

All those returning from PEI tomorrow, have a safe and smooth flight back.

Rest well.