Banana Tree

Have you ever tasted something and tried to determine the ingredients? We used to play this game every so often back at 94 Steffler drive in Guelph. Brian was always the champ, followed closely by Judy.Once you have the ingredients down, you can try to recreate.

What about reading the ingredients list and trying to re-create something prepackaged? Sometimes this works, and other times it's just a fun experiment.

This evening I decided Burrito shells must be fairly easy to make. Cornmeal, salt, water, some long preservative chemical names.

The first three attempts were about adding enough water so it would cook properly.

After that, the flavor factor. Lemon juice seems to work. I also tried adding cheese. There's the kicker.

Finally, the texture equation. The cornmeal I had in the cupboard was fairly coarse. 10 minutes in the food processor honestly had little effect. I think texture is where the key lies. Someone must make corn flour.

Conclusion: More research required.

Friday was the prep day we've all been waiting for.
1600 warm up
3 x (6 x 50 on 50/40; 200 on 3:00 (go for it); 100 ez on 3:00)
400 kk/swim
cool down.

Word on the street was that Mix Master X Factor Mike Neill was taking the full day off in preparation for the Elk Lake Triathlon Championships this weekend.

When this news made it to Swim Master Harvey, our swim changed for the lighter. 3rd round 200 will be smooth, only if you're worried about Mike. . .

Tricky, but either way it's a sweet taper.

Best of the best to those racing Summerside in PEI. Enjoy your time with the Atlantic.

Rest well.