He said the grand finale would be one to remember, blow your mind, never the same again. And . . . it was, it did, and shall be.

The path unfolds as we live each day, breathing in the morning sun and out the midnight moon.

What an absolutely awesome day it was today, perfect in every way.

I woke to something new which felt almost forgotten yet somewhat familiar. I lived something new, which was most definitely familiar and certainly of ancient verse.

It was and is that which draws from inward and outward, but with limitless boundaries, a place where in between is only an idea from close yet far, a place other than down, which can only be seen from up, a place where there is only around here and possibly now.

Sometimes things seem to make a little bit more sense, and tonight is one of those times.

Far too much for the world, so I'm heading upstairs to the Journal.

Rest well.