Fun in the Sun

Today my bro, yes the G-man, the G-money-honey, the G-tar himself and I went down to Caddy bay for some sailing, courtesy of Patrick and his two Lasers! Awesome sailing adventure. Thanks for the key. It's always an adventure.

Ok, how do we rig these things again? Wow, it's been a while. Still, it comes back quickly. Out the bay, through Banes channel to Chatham Island, round the Chain of Islands, and play with the seals. Race to the red light house, back to the Chain and drum a beat on the hull. Synchronize with the gulls. Cruise back in for dinner. The inner kite is happy. Top it off with BC Day Fireworks from the porch. Awesomeness.

Great day Graeme! Thanks for watching Self Transcendence race this morning too.

Great work this morning by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon team putting together another outstanding event. I was talking with another athlete after the race and we both decided there is something special about this race. It's definitely the most relaxed atmosphere of any race we could think of. At the same time it's safe, well organized, and fun! The Sri Chinmoy Spirit of Self Transcendence definitely carries through the event.

Thanks once again to Elk Lake, the Saanich Peninsula, and the trails for being there today. I always appreciate spending time with you.

Mix Master Mike, I'm looking forward to the day we can race the real deal. Until then, this or perhaps a 70.3 will suit. Scotty, it looks to me like you are coming into good form for Kelowna. 2 weeks to go, let's make it a great set!

Sounds like it was an eventful day out in Summerside PEI too. Great racing all around! I'm looking forward to hearing racing and weekend stories upon your westerly return.

I just remembered something I thought of a few years ago. I need to go write this down.

Thanks for Sunday. See you Monday.

Rest well.