A reflection can change drastically depending on your viewpoint. From here the reflection appears tall like a giraffe, yet from there it looks more like a turtle. A wave comes, and the reflection changes again. For a moment the light is scattered, then slowly recognizable shapes reappear. What is it really? It's a reflection.

How about reflections upon 15 minutes, 24 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, one year, or two? Similarly, they all change based on where you're standing.

It is common practice among athletes to reflect upon their season after major competition, and for the majority of our group, the 2008 competitive triathlon season came to a close at the Big Apple in Kelowna BC. We saw some stellar performances across the board!

On the Junior Men's side, a big time race for Mr. Triple Threat himself, Sharpie McSharpster. Nice race big guy. You are a machine. Aaron demonstrated his overall strength and power. Dude, you are a powerhouse. JP showed he has guts like no other, just what's expected of the Edison Brotherhood. Lowell stepped it up for the day finishing as always, with a smile.

All the Junior Women rose to the occasion with some awesome performances. Kyla swam like a fish with the lead pack and hopped back on her bike even after tasting the asphalt. Taking those corners as fast as possible is the only way to go. That's how you find out what the bike can handle. After all, the only way to truly max the envelope is by ripping it open. After being brutally beaten at the swim start, Alex opened up the throttle on the run with some serious speed. That was blow the mind style speed! Gaby swam lead pack and I think ran a PB or close to it. Nice racing Gaby.

Kerry rocked another podium finish for Elite Nationals! Nice work Kerry!

Andrew put it together on the Swim and Bike showing the miles paid off! Great season dude man. Sweet September Series to come! Scotty went out there and raced despite a nasty head cold, finishing with style. AP showed he knows what needs to be done and he brought it together with a stellar race. Solid training this summer dudes.

My race was neither success nor failure. It just simply was. It was part of the process, an experience to learn from, and in that sense, a successful day of Evolation. Following the race, it was time for inspiration.

Inspiration can arrive from many places and in any from. The birds, trees, mountains, or seas, these are all awesome sources. Music, books, good friends, and family also inspire.

A climbing trip to the Hermit Mountain Range in Glacier National Park would be, among other things, a source for inspiration.

When we go on these trips, it is often unknown exactly what, where, or when the inspiration will be. The trip's purpose is to make our Self available to inspiration, available to the Source. Upon reflection, we see the inspiration may have come from an unexpected place or person.

We can search for it with our eyes, and ears. We can consider, evaluate, and calculate to our minds request and desire. These outwardly effortful pursuites often only lead to frustration through minds timeline. When we allow the inspiration to come, we can see it wherever and whenever we are.

It is with us right here, and right now. I think I often choose the mountains or sea because of an inner love for adventure, but the inspiration always exists whether you wander over glaciers, climb a mountain, or sail with a stormy sea.

From Inspiration we are led to Aspiration.

Inspiration is a great place to live. It can be exhilarating and thrilling, but Aspiration is where it really begins. Aspiration leads us to our Self; where, who, and why we really are.

Aspiration comes from deep within. It starts with a choice deeper than anything of minds origin, way deeper. It sets us and carries us on our Path, our Evolation. Once our aspiration begins, everything changes.

Thanks for a great season. Let's continue to inspire each other and aspire our own Self.

Rest well.