12 Knuckles above the Horizon

It's the early side of evening, a while past the late side of afternoon. This has been an afternoon of such complete calm, such complete comfort.

So calm and so comfortable. As I spray down the boat, I wonder what just happened. Was that a dream? As far as I can tell, it was. It had all the aspects of dream. There were passing brief impatient states, thrilling states, heart pumping states, but the overall feeling from afternoon to evening was restful peace.

I wake up and find myself, clearing out the sand. I rewind the memories in my head, back to the dream.

Remember the beginning? Light out of the bay, sailing up wind. Other people, other boats are around.

Then Discovery Island. No more boats, just an island, some water, and me.

Back to the dream. Back to peace. 10 minutes, 1 hour? Time is somewhere else.

Next thought "This is my favourite time for sailing; when the sun is 12 knuckles above the horizon." The water looks cool an somehow things warm up for a short while with the sun's reflection.

I noticed the reflection, had the thought, then back to peace. Back to that overall dream feeling.

I see a lighthouse. Cool lighthouse.

Back to the boat, back to sail shape, back to the peaceful dream.

Over there! A rock? or 2 friends? Drift over. 2 Friends. Say hi. "Nice day for a sail eh?" "Yeah, perfect for sunning on the rocks. " "See ya later." "Yeah, see ya."

Back to the peaceful dream. More time?

Is it time to wake up? I could wake up now, or sleep a little longer. This is a pretty sweet dream, and I have no plans. I'll sleep a little longer.

Oak Bay Marina to Cattle Point in 4:01. The boat starts to fly, just like in all the best dreams.

Back to the peaceful dream. The dream of complete comfort, complete calm.

And Awake.

Wow. Here I am spraying off the boat. What happened for the last 4 hours? That was a great dream.

Dream well. Sleep well. Rest well.