Quinoa Explosion

Keep breathing and smiling; the rest will take care of itself.

Wow, it's great to be in Victoria putting in a solid training block. The past couple weeks of racing have left me feeling recovered and energized. (Truthfully). T-3 weeks to the Big Apple.

Today was a typical building Friday.

Swim in the morning with some fast 200's. The splits: first 4 on 2:33, next 4 on 2:34. Ok, that's fine, but 2:29 is well within logical reason. Remember a short 8 months ago the 200pb was 2:31? Times change.

Next 200's workout: 2:29's. Maktub!

Mid-morning bike of the rolling base variety and a little wheelie practice to start and finish. Cross is coming.

Track in the afternoon. Wow, the group is running fast. I overheard the girls were splitting sub 3:20. Wicked Fastness!

Scotty showcased some awesome speed on the 200s with a 25er to finish. Nice.

Sweet pacing with JP & AP. Nice sharing of the work. Dude, man, yo, that's some solid team training.

Perogies and 2L of Antioxidant juice blend for dinner.

Rest well.