It was just before dawn on a beautiful Sunday morning; and as one of the biggest clouds you've ever imagined woke up, she received a call from the rain master. Today would be a monsoon day.

"Perfect." Thought the cloud. "I have been waiting to rain for almost a year!"

The rain fell all day & all night. It fell for the next day, the next night, and continued for 5 more days and nights. The clouds were happy to ran, and each and every drop of ran was happy to fall back down to the earth.

Much of the rain fell onto a rice field where it saturated the carefully seeded earth. Each drop of rain found it's perfect seed match.

The seed-rain pairs were happy to meet, because they new this was just the beginning of their journey together.

The perfect pairs shortly met with two other friends, Mr. Golden Sun, and Earth. The four thrived as a team and worked endlessly and effortlessly to grow the perfect grain of rice.

Before long it was harvest time, and an old farmer carried his trusty sickle to the field. They would work together, collecting the stalks.

The farmer was happy to do what he loved, as was the sickle. After all, they were now close to the earth, from which they were both once born.

The happy farmer & his sickle harvested many 1000s of grains of rice together, each with it's own purposeful adventure to come.

Where does our food truly come from?

What truly makes up our food?

Where does the energy in our food truly come from?

There is an infinity which goes into each and every piece of our lives. It is all one, as a perfect web, which is our Universe.

Consider all that went into just one of the grains of rice on our dinner plate this evening.

BLOWN AWAY! with Awe and Amazement.

And now, here it is, on this plate, before us . . .

Could it be that each piece has fulfilled one purpose, in order to be here, right now?

Our turn to continue the story. We decide what happens next.

Swim, Run, Sleep, Velodrome . . .

Rest well.