own pace

Back to our beautiful paradise island in the South Pacific, well North Pacific, but still very much a paradise island.

Returning to the pool deck yesterday morning was great. It's always nice to see the welcoming yet ready to work faces of our group. Within the next day or so Andrew and Kerry, our very own World Cup racers will be back. Outstanding work in the Euro tour guys! It's pretty sweet to see your names on results next to the big guns like Gemmel, Vasiliev, Docherty, Warriner, Hewitt, and Tanner.

Upon your return, the group will be whole again.

Yesterday was a catch up day. In the training department it was a day for allowing the body to catch up with itself: reduced intensity and volume on the swim, and ride at your own solo pace on the bike. The run was off and the legs are grateful.

In the rest of things department it was a day for catching up with some friends and family, catching up and checking in. Feel grounded and at home. Thanks for the nourishment.

Today will be a great day.

Rest well.