From Wednesday there has been time to consider food, and I suppose the underlying question which remained unwritten, "What truly is the food which feeds and nourishes us?"

Our body is nourished through multiple elements: thoughts, emotions, reflections, friends, family, earth and air. These are of course just a few.

Triathlon happens to be an effective canvas on which we can test the various colours and forms of efficiency and nourishment. A wise friend told me, "Change your thoughts, Change your life." I like this, how about, "Create your thoughts, Create your life."

Thoughts can be amazing nourishment. A single ounce of thought is powerful enough to create an infinity. It can manifest anything in the cosmos, real or unreal. It can nourish each aspect of one to one million bodies from then, to now, to tomorrow. Thoughts are full of nourishment similar to emotions.

Last week I had the privilege of a pretty cool conversation on the impact of emotion on sport. Emotions have the ability to nourish the bodies aspects. They can create wonderful things, and achieve magnificent feats. They can also destroy, which is why some emotional energy also requires a fee.

Reflections are free and nourish the body just as their name suggests, through mindful awareness and understanding. Reflections nourish from then, and on forever. We view reflections within our Self, and also through friends and family.

Friends and Family have the ability to create nourishment & also magnify it one billion times. They can provide a sounding board which both reflects and amplifies. They can share the most powerful of all energies, and reciprocating nourishment. They can provide a single spark to re-start our own deep fire within. We can effortlessly reflect all this in return.

Much like we are impacted and fueled through friends and family, we receive nourishment through our relationship with earth and air. The earth provides all of which the organism could ask. Each and every of the trillions of cells within the organism has its own relationship with the earth and air, as do each each organelle within every cell. Through mutual understanding the earth nourishes the cell, just as the cell nourishes earth.

There are clearly multiple rivers and streams through which nourishment enters our body and Self. In the body as in nature, the same water runs through each river, both originating from, and returning to the same ocean.

The choice remains with us, here and now, to open and allow the river to flow with nourishment and infinite energy.

Thanks for the nourishing dinners. I hope I can reflect it back.

Let it flow, and of course,

Rest well.