No Man's Land

6 or so laps in, this is where I found myself at Newton Heights tonight, pedaling to close the gap. 4 Laps of solo pedaling and an almost x 2.

Spend a time thinking about emptying the thought tank. The thing about emptying is it becomes both active and passive. Actively emptying to a point, while passively allowing the river to effortlessly carry thoughts on their way. The organism takes care of the rest.

Crit racing provides a cool backdrop for this practice. At a relatively easy pace, the thoughts can be scattered and spun through eddies and currents. Then things start to build and fun begins.

The pace becomes faster and race altering decisions become impulsively instantaneous. At one point, the intensity grows to a level where there becomes less room for thought, perhaps due to reduced cranial blood flow, or maybe Science 10's flight or fight focus.

In either case, eventually there is room for only one thought. "Go Now!" Your body responds, and that is it, until one more thought can squeeze out of your head. "All Now!"

Tonight this was the best place to be. One thought, then free. Free of everything and anything. One thought to instruct, then it's left the body. Awesomeness.

Nice racing guys. AMac, as always an attack to remember. Scotty, pulling up front will be good practice for this weekend's Sri Chinmoy triathlon. A-Russ, way to hang in there. That was exactly the perfect way for tonights race to go.

Rest well.