Home is Peace

Breathe in. Dark blue sky, rustling branches, cool summer air, warm wool sweater, sheepskin moccasins, cool face warmed with the steam of hot tea. Breathe out.
I am at home.

Breathe in. Waves breaking, sand rushing, pebbles sliding, onshore breeze, green mummy bag. Breathe out.
I am at home.

Breathe in. Cold snow squeaking, slightly damp feet, roaring stove, ice melting, dinner cooking. Breathe out.
I am at home.

Breathe in. Weightless, rocking, tipping, steady, Dip in the fingers and toes. Cold. Air dry. Breathe out.
I am at home.

Once again, sitting at the lakes edge I was struck by the infiniteness. How old? How far? How Long? How?

Driving back to town, a new feeling emerges. It could be described as feeling "At Home."

This is it. Here I am. I am at home. The amazing part of it was the feeling that home is everywhere.

Think back to where you have felt "home," and each time and place may share one thing in common.

Home is created. We create a home in which we rest, recover, and breathe. We can share our home with whomever we choose, and spread it wherever we travel.

For the past month Jazz, Jude, and Finn have shared their home with me. Thanks. I definitely feel at home.

Feeling at home is the ultimate in readyness and preparation. We all feel the most rested, recovered and race ready when at home.

Make yourself at home, and know your readyness.

The whole group is ready for action this weekend:

Andrew is continuing his World Cup tour in Tiszaujvaros. You are a World Cup racer dude! Inspiring for certain. Keep up the stellar work.

Kerry will make her World Cup debut in the Tizz. You're ready for this one Kerry. Have fun with it!

JP, Aaron, and Sharpie will be offering lessons to all who participate in the Gatineau Sprint. Bro's . . . make it so!

Alex, Kyla, and Christine are race ready for the Sprint. You know what you will do!

Scotty will be signing autographs after the Squamish Triathlon so be ready with your book of famous people!

I am back on the Olympic Distance train with some fun in up State NY, Musselman style.

Updates upon arrival.

Breathe deeply and enjoy being alive every moment.

Rest well.